Welcome to Twinky Toes first ever blog post :)

Have you ever looked at a blank page and wondered what on earth you could write about to fill that huge empty space? ……

“Is it cake and bubbles?”

“Is it cake and bubbles?”

I did for about a minute before I remembered why Leanne and I decided to start this blog in the first place - alongside studio news, tips, tricks, and random parenting bits and bobs, we wanted to share with people, both the ones we know and the ones we have still to meet, how brilliant and perfect all of the families that we are fortunate enough to photograph are & how much we appreciate you all.

We started this journey through our shared belief that we should have plenty of photographs with which to embarrass our daughter when she’s older (I am of course joking… kind of :) and throughout this time, we have met so many families and made so many friends that if I were to feature everyone, this would be the longest first blog post ever

Instead, I would like to just share some of the images we have been lucky enough to capture at our Studio in Meols on the Wirral and say a massive, heartfelt thank you to all of the families and friends that have helped Leanne and I to make Twinkly toes the cosy, little, family run studio it is today, all of your shares, reviews and recommendations have meant the world to us - and to anyone reading this blog and hearing about us for the first time - visit us at Twinky Toes Photography and get in touch by clicking here or emailing: mail@twinklytoesphotography.co.uk Leanne and I would absolutely love to hear from you.

Until the next post, we hope you have a brilliant week & we look forward to seeing you at the studio.

Mike and Leanne x