Preparing for your newborn session

 Newborn and baby

If you are bottle feeding, please bring plenty of feeds with you. You may not think that you baby would be hungry if he or she has just been fed, but feeding is very comforting for a new baby and this may help in getting baby to sleep.

What you eat will be passed though in your breast milk, so please try and avoid any spicy foods and caffeine for 48 hours before your session.  This will stop baby getting an upset tummy and being unsettled during the session.

Please try and ensure that your baby has been kept alert for at least an hour before the session and aim for them to be feeding as you arrive this will help them settle to sleep early on.

As most babies hate being undressed, please only dress your baby in a sleepsuit with buttons down the front. If you are worried baby will get cold you can put plenty of blankets over them in the car seat. 

Upon arrival at the studio, please strip baby to the nappy and wrap in a blanket before feeding. This will then allow then allow me to start working with baby once asleep.

Babies that are difficult to settle, often find comfort from sucking a dummy between poses whilst they are being moved (provided parents are happy with this - we very rarely resort to this but brand new, sterilised dummies are available at the studio should the need arise) and will often want to feed mid session (especially breastfed babies) – if baby is bottle fed please have a small extra bottle prepared for this time.

Unfortunately we don’t have room for spectators, so only mum, dad (or 1 other Adult) & baby should attend the session.

Please leave the photography up to me. No photos are allowed during the session.

Please let me know if you are running late for your session.